As an internet user, have you ever come across a website that is not suitable for your mobile device? Certainly! And how annoying, frustrating and annoying when responsive design is not adopted! You most certainly did not continue to visit this site or do business with this company which made a very bad first impression on you. This is so important in the field of sales and advice.

But as a professional that you are, regardless of your sector of activity (self-employed, craftsman, director of an SME or a large company, etc.), do you have a website perfectly suited to mobile browsing? ?

The entire world’s population is spending more and more time on the web (searching for information, shopping online, social media, etc.) from mobile devices. So more and more potential customers are surfing the web using their cell phone or tablet. It is therefore essential that the content of your website is perfectly readable from these media.


According to Smart Insights, every hour, from a mobile device around the world, 68 million searches are made on Google and nearly 160,000 products are purchased from Amazon Market. In addition, more than 60% of queries made on Google are made from mobile devices.

According to the NETendances 2020 survey in Quebec, of all these mobile devices that are personally available to adults in Quebec, it is the smartphone that has experienced the greatest increase with an increase of 64 percentage points from 2010 to 2020, from an adoption rate of 17% to 81%. In addition, 63% have a data plan on their smartphone.

If you look at your website’s Google Analytics, you will surely be surprised at how much of your traffic comes from mobile devices when looking at your website’s Google Analytics!

Nowadays, as these statistics show, the use of a mobile device or a tablet is on the rise, it is therefore essential to have a website adapted to all media if you want to satisfy your needs. present or future customers.


Not only are Internet users always more connected, longer, on their mobile, but they generally have several digital devices, whether it is a mobile and a tablet or a mobile and a laptop or others. In a family, the number of devices increases tenfold (desktop and laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, television, etc.).

It is therefore important that your website content fits across all media, regardless of screen size or resolution.


At the start of 2021, the main Internet players such as Google, Facebook and Apple put forward new display, referencing and advertising bases among others to promote the visibility of websites on mobile and thus facilitate the customer experience. To learn more about these changes, check out this article on Google’s new algorithm and the IOS 14.5 update.

So now Google sees mobile adaptability as an important point for the search engine optimization (SEO) of websites. It is therefore impossible to do without responsive design, if you want your site to be well referenced on the most popular search engine!


The more you promote a great user experience, the less sales you lose!

The user experience on any medium (cell phone, laptop, etc.) should be pleasant, fast, efficient, fluid and customizable. Indeed, your site will reflect the values as well as the identity of your company. A responsive design website allows you to communicate a feeling of trust and security to Internet users.


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