Google will give your PC more autonomy. The editor is preparing a feature for its Chrome 86 browser that will drastically save the battery of a computer. As in Safari on MacOS or Edge on Windows, this version slows down the update of pages opened in tabs.

Internal Google documents thus show the results of the experiments conducted by the company. Despite 36 open tabs in the browser, this 86 update saved 2 hours of autonomy on their test machine. To achieve this, Google slowed down the Javascript update of the tabs opened in the background to only once a minute.

Even the video playback concerned

The system also saves battery power when playing a YouTube video. Another Google experiment shows that Chrome 86 can extend the autonomy of 36 minutes despite playing in full screen and always the 36 tabs open in the background.

This new feature should appear in both mobile and computer versions. It should delight users, as well as Apple and Microsoft who regularly communicate on the weak optimization of Chrome for MacOS and Windows.

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