Today’s web browsers do much more than just allow you to browse the Net. They have many third-party features that greatly enhance the surfing experience. On iOS, Chrome now acts as a password manager.

Those who use Google Chrome intensively know that the browser has a password management tool. It can remember your logins and passwords for the sites you use – if you choose to let the browser remember them, of course. Having said that, an update of the iOS application takes things one step further.

Chrome for iOS takes password management a step further

In the latest beta version of Chrome for iOS, Google is extending this saved password tool. So, instead of just remembering passwords used in Chrome, the feature now allows you to use them in other applications. Chrome becomes a de facto password manager in its own right.

and becomes a full-fledged password manager

In other words, if you use applications like Twitter or Facebook and you have your passwords stored in Chrome, you will be able to log in to these applications simply by using the login/password stored in Chrome. A process similar to what password managers like LastPass and 1Password offer.

Password managers are very useful as they help you remember your passwords. They can also be used to generate strong passwords. Chrome’s password manager feature is still in beta friends and should find its way into the consumer application fairly quickly.

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