According to the W3Techs study, WordPress continues to grow and confirms its leadership position as a CMS market parts, representing 39.5% of all websites combined in 2021 against only 35% in 2020. Regarding websites that do not no CMS, they represent a total of 38.3% of all existing websites.

If we look more specifically at the CMS market, we see that WordPress remains the dominant CMS, owning more than half of the market share, or exactly 64.1% in 2021.

The 10 most used CMS in 2021

Unsurprisingly, WordPress is well ahead, ahead of Shopify and Joomla. Even if Shopify remains a benchmark for e-commerce sites, WordPress is also present in this area thanks to its dedicated WooCommerce plugin, which largely contributes to its success.

Note: Shopify becomes the second most popular CMS in May 2020, and the second fastest growing CMS. It represents 3.2% of websites in 2021, compared to just 1.9% last year.

You will find below the ranking of the most popular CMS in 2021 and their share in the CMS market:

  1. WordPress (64,1 %)
  2. Shopify (5,2 %)
  3. Joomla (3,5 %)
  4. Drupal (2,5 %)
  5. Wix (2,4 %)
  6. Squarespace (2,4 %)
  7. Bitrix (1,7 %)
  8. Blogger (1,6 %)
  9. Magento (1,2 %)
  10. OpenCart (1,0 %)

We find other names known a little further in the ranking, in particular Prestashop in 11th position (0.8%), Weebly in 12th position (0.5%), TYP03 in 13th position (0.5%) or even Bigcommerce in 14th position (0.4%).

WordPress’ market position according to popularity and traffic

W3Techs also shows, through a graph, the position of WordPress in 2021 in terms of popularity and traffic compared to other top CMS. We see that WordPress stands out largely from Drupal, Shopify, Joomla and Wix regarding the number of sites that use the CMS, but that the level of traffic from WordPress sites is ultimately roughly equivalent to sites powered by Shopify.

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