The Google team alerted Twitter (X) to the rollout, linking to the Google Search Status Dashboard, where all Core Updates are updated. The update began on August 22, 2023, at 4:37 p.m. French time. Deployment is expected to last 2 weeks.

Google regularly carries out major updates to its algorithm in order to “provide Internet users with results that are always useful and reliable”. However, the firm never discloses the precise nature of the changes made, even though they may impact a website’s performance.

However, Google points out that “a potential drop in performance following a major update is not a sign that your pages contain errors”. It is advisable to identify pages that are experiencing a drop in traffic and to examine their content carefully, while avoiding making changes in a hurry. “We recommend that you concentrate on the content itself, as this is what our algorithms are based on”, adds the firm, reminding you to consult its guidelines for content production.

As a reminder, it usually takes several days before you notice any changes, so don’t hesitate to keep a close eye on your statistics. Several tools are available to monitor your search engine positioning and optimize your SEO strategy.

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