Since the deployment of Bing AI Chat, the search engine has not ceased to interest Internet users. Bing now has 100 million daily active users: a great victory for the search engine that has always been behind Google. Maybe not for long?

On February 14th, we shared with you our test of the new Bing interface, with the integration of ChatGPT. Since then, the search engine has not stopped improving its chat: availability on mobile, voice search, error reduction, setting the tone of responses … In short, Bing is on the front of the stage at the moment!

All these changes have pushed Internet users to be more interested in this search engine, which was often abandoned for Google. So much so that the 100 million daily users have been exceeded, making Bing proud.

Bing obviously doesn’t plan to rest on its laurels. According to the article, “It’s been an incredible 30 days and the team is motivated to continue iterating and improving Bing and Edge to deliver the next generation of search and what we hope will become your trusted co-pilot for the Web.”

So we can expect continuous improvements, which is likely to entice new users to stay on the search engine. Another boost for Bing, whose market share could increase this year!

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