From its launch, Microsoft Edge quickly established itself as an excellent alternative to the Google Chrome browser. However, the millions of users who have the ability to search via Edge are already beginning to be disenchanted. Indeed, like its direct competitor, Microsoft Edge seems to have the unfortunate tendency to force its use. Windows users have been able to access Edge for a few weeks now.

A Windows update now deploys Edge for everyone, however, this update has not been appreciated. Indeed, when it is installed, a pop-up appears and presents Microsoft Edge without you having decided to use the browser. The average user therefore feels compelled to use Edge by default and starts transferring data from the old browser in the background without permission.

To top it all off, Microsoft pins Edge on your taskbar, in first place, after the update start process, while installing the icon on your desktop. But Microsoft’s most obnoxious manipulation is still to override your default settings for the browser of your choice by prompting you to review its settings to choose Edge. Of course, you can refuse all these forcing attempts, but an average user will tend to click “Ok” from everywhere (already tired of waiting for the update) to go faster and start again to use his tool properly.

As we mentioned, when our colleagues from The Verge asked Microsoft to respond to this indignation, the Redmond firm simply replied that the user is not forced to accept recurring invitations, he can simply say no.

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