On the occasion of the 10th edition of WordCamp Europe, which brought together the WordPress community in Porto in early June, the WordPress management teams took the opportunity to take stock of the progress of WordPress 6.0, but also to present the roadmap of WordPress 6.1. As a reminder, the WordPress 6.0 update was released on May 24th.

The 3 goals of WordPress 6.1

1. Make browsing smoother

WordPress 6.1 is expected to feature a new navigation mode, with the ability to easily switch between tabs, but also zoom in or out depending on your needs. Thus, editors will be able to view and modify the structure of a site more easily. The different global elements (templates, styles, etc.) will also be more identifiable.

2. Make Model Building Easier

Matías Ventura explains that the models appear as “a central element of the creative experience”. WordPress 6.1 plans to improve the construction of templates, as well as their support, especially in custom post types and in the different types of blocks. The update should also bring a better experience for locking templates, and managing saved templates.

Note that at present, there are already 10,000 models published and available and multilingual. WordPress 6.1 also aims to facilitate their discovery, and their insertion.

3. Improve handling of global styles

The update also improves support for restrictions, privileges and access granted to editors, but also for presets (management of web fonts, responsive typography, expansion of available tools, etc.).

WordPress 6.1 should be available by mid-October 2022.

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