Since Google overtook Yahoo, no one has been able to offer a real competitor for this search engine. And despite the improvements it has made to Bing and the integration of this product into Windows, it has never worried Google’s search engine. However, in 2022, something happened that turned tech upside down: the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI, a company funded by Microsoft and with which the Redmond firm collaborates.

While ChatGPT is showing record growth, Microsoft recently announced the integration of OpenAI’s AI into its cloud. And it also confirmed a new investment of several billion dollars in this startup. The next step for Microsoft could be the integration of ChatGPT in its search engine, to finally beat Google! At least that’s what the rumors say.

The arrival of ChatGPT reshuffles the cards

In an article published this week, the Semafor site indicates that according to its sources, Microsoft could integrate an improved version of ChatGPT in its search engine in the next few weeks. This improved version of ChatGPT, in addition to being faster, would provide more detailed answers to questions, and would formulate even more natural sentences.

Of course, for the moment, the information is to be taken with the usual precautions, while waiting for an official announcement. But in any case, it would be normal for Microsoft to take this chance to improve its search engine and make it competitive with Google, thanks to ChatGPT. Besides, it is possible that at this moment, a race to AI is taking place between Bing and Google Search.

Indeed, if some rumors evoke a possible integration of ChatGPT in Bing, others evoke the tests conducted by Google, which declared a “code red” after the launch of the chatbot of OpenAI. Internally, Google would test a similar artificial intelligence, as well as a redesign of its search engine on which the integrated chatbot would answer user’s questions. If Bing releases its update before Google’s, Microsoft’s search engine could attract a lot of interest from Internet users. Recently, ChatGPT has passed the 100 million users mark.

Is Microsoft going all in on AI?

In the meantime, Microsoft continues to integrate OpenAI’s technologies into its other products. On GitHub, the Copilot assistant, which generates computer code for the user, is based on OpenAI’s Codex AI. And its Designer app, a competitor to Canva, uses DALL-E 2 technology, also created by OpenAI, to generate visuals for the user. In addition, Microsoft has also just announced an integration of GPT technology on its Microsoft Teams Premium offering.

Thanks to AI, the video conferencing service can, for example, automatically divide meeting videos into multiple chapters. Teams also uses this technology to suggest notes, tasks or actions to the user at the end of a meeting in vision.

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