Nicknamed “Esperanza” after modern music prodigy Esperanza Spalding, WordPress 5.7 is the first update of 2021 released by the CMS, which is now used by over 40% of websites.

One-click switch from HTTP to HTTPS

The release of WordPress 5.7 brings a lot of new features. One of the major technical improvements in this release is to ease the process of migrating a site from HTTP to HTTPS. The section dedicated to site health, accessible from the Tools section, informs owners and administrators if their hosting environment supports HTTPS. It also allows them to automatically update database URLs with one click. A very handy feature that fills a long-standing need for the WordPress community.

A simplified editor

The CMS editor is also easier to use and offers new features to do even more without having to get your hands on the code:

  • font size controls available in list and code blocks, so you no longer need to go to another screen to make this change,
  • reusable blocks that are more stable and easier to use, which automatically register when the publication is updated,
  • a drag and drop function, which allows you to insert blocks and block sets directly into a post,
  • a full height alignment, which offers the possibility of completely filling the screen of a page,
  • a block of buttons adjustable horizontally or vertically with a width calculated from a predefined percentage,
  • a block of social icons, the size of which can now be changed.

Among the other changes, we can also note the access to a standardized default color palette, a new Robots API to improve SEO, deferred loading by default of iframes or even cleaning up JavaScript errors after updating to jQuery 3.5.1.

Download the WordPress 5.7 update

Launched on March 9, 2021, the latest version of the CMS is available for download from the official WordPress site. You can also launch the WordPress 5.7 update directly from your site’s administration interface: Dashboard> Updates. It is recommended that you back up your database and files before starting the update.

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