This new major WordPress update referred to as Arturo, in reference to jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill, brings improvements to Project Gutenberg, integrating technical developments directly within the CMS. As a reminder, the current phase 2 made it possible to launch Full Site Editing (FSE) last January, the new experience which consists in being able to administer your entire site thanks to the block editor. Version 6.0 continues the evolution of FSE, increases performance, while integrating a series of new features.

Improved writing experience in block editors

Among the many features in the program of WordPress 6.0, we can note that the CMS now allows to vary the styles for themes based on blocks. In addition to being able to copy-paste text present on several blocks, a new locking option, from the “lock” attribute, offers you the possibility of freezing the content and the layout of the blocks, in order to lock the movement , modifying or deleting any of them, especially if you need to create modular page templates.

WordPress 6.0 also improves usability with a redesigned “list view” mode, which aims to help writers more quickly visualize the architecture of blocks in a post. At a glance, it will be possible to check the correct hierarchy of titles and intertitles, an essential point for SEO but also accessibility, and to drag and drop blocks to build a content page according to your needs.

With this new version, you also benefit from a set of templates when creating new pages, for blocks that have declared support for those of the “core/post-content” type.

And also: better management of internal and external margins, borders and alignments for the design of more elaborate layouts, or the addition of new blocks, such as comments, a “No result” block, etc.

Several technical improvements have been made to make the CMS more efficient, such as query optimization, cache management, but also duplicate translations that have been removed, in order to increase the loading speed of WordPress on installations not English speakers.

Other new features of WordPress 6.0

Other new features are offered on the occasion of the release of the WordPress 6.0 version, namely:

  • Interface improvements for media management with new filters, and the ability to edit custom image sizes,
  • Dynamic hooks and filters for posts and taxonomies,
  • Block based themes no longer need the index.php file, it is replaced by the templates/index.html file,
  • The ability to modify the description of an extension (Extensions > Add) or to delete site icons on multisite networks,
  • Accelerated SQL loading for the dashboard and comment moderation,
  • Updating the Twemoji library (version 14.0.2) with support for the latest emojis added in version 14,
  • Or many new features related to accessibility

As with every new major release, it is strongly recommended that you back up your database and site files before starting the installation of the WordPress 6.0 update.


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