To carry out its study, GigaPress used the Alexa ranking, which lists sites according to their traffic, to determine the top 10,000 websites in the world. The resource site then analyzed this list via a script using multiple technical indicators to verify more than 900 recognized content management systems in the market.

A dominant position among the 10,000 popular websites analyzed

Of the 10,000 most powerful websites analyzed by GigaPress, only 24% use a popular content management system (CMS). WordPress alone powers 10.57% of these sites, followed by Drupal and Adobe Experience Manager, which respectively maintain 2.3% and 2.04% of sites using a CMS. A dominant position that gives WordPress 44.3% market share (see diagram above).

Among the other CMS present in the ranking, according to their market share, we find:

Drupal with 9.63%,
Adobe Experience Manager with 8.54%,
Joomla with 2.21%,
Blogger with 1.88%,
Umbraco with 1.76%,
Datalife Engine with 1.72%,
SiteCore with 1.68%,
Shopify with 1.68%,
All the others have a 26.64% market share.

WordPress, the most used CMS among the 1,000 most popular websites

Using the same methodology, GigaPress refined its survey by analyzing the 1000 most popular websites. Within this smaller ranking, only 15% of sites use a CMS. That doesn’t stop WordPress from leading the way in most exploited content management systems with 4.4%. In terms of market share, WordPress thus represents 31.2% of shares among CMS on the 1,000 popular websites analyzed. It is followed by Adobe Experience Manager, which has a 16.31% market share, and Drupal, which represents 11.35%.

A safe bet for website builders

From a simple blogging platform to a full-fledged CMS, WordPress is becoming a benchmark among content management systems. As a free and open source solution, everything suggests that this CMS is reserved for amateur bloggers or small businesses. The figures, however, show that WordPress has won over large industries, such as Sony Music and The Walt Disney Company, or big names on the web for their official blogs, such as Facebook Newsroom or Microsoft News.

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