WordPress introduces new P2 service for teamwork

WordPress.com, one of Automattic’s divisions, has just launched a brand new tool called P2. Quite different from the most popular CMS in the world, P2 service allows to improve internal communication within work teams. P2 is a kind of place to share long messages, a repository to keep boarding documents and other important documents.

Of course, P2 has an interface similar to WordPress. It can therefore be considered as a WordPress dedicated to work teams. It is important to note that P2 can replace many, but not all, internal communication tools. P2 is in no way a direct competitor to Slack, since there is no live chat integrated into the interface. Employees can use P2 to publish important announcements, which is complicated to do on a traditional intranet portal.

Not a competitor of Slack’s, but then whose?

P2 positions itself more as a competitor of Facebook Workplace or Yammer. Much different from a simple WordPress.com blog, P2 offers many new features, such as the ability to mention a team member, the integration of to-do lists, PDF documents, or even pinning an important message to the top of the page. This new tool also features a history system that allows you to see what you missed while you were away.

For WordPress users, P2 offers a similar back office for writing or editing posts. Its ease of use and practicality could be comparable to Squarespace or Notion. P2 could also replace the huge shared folders filled with Google Docs and other files.

If P2 is basically meant to be private, you can also use this platform to make updates to your services or products public. Today, Automattic’s 1300 employees use 912 P2 sites internally. To date, the creation of a P2 remains free of charge, however, Automattic plans to offer paying formulas without delay. Surely depending on the number of users and storage capacities.