To carry out this survey, Vanson Bourne interviewed 300 American and British companies. According to the results, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and most used CMS. In a new report written by WP Engine, we can read that CMS are no longer optional, but indispensable.

The report by Vanson Bourne shows that WordPress is much more used compared to other CMS such as Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, Joomla, Drupal or Umbraco. In the survey published by WP Engine, one of the most interesting conclusions concerns the ROI. Among the companies surveyed, 31% consider ROI as a major advantage of using WordPress. So far no CMS has managed to exceed 27% on this point, the average of the other CMS being 20%.

WordPress struggles with Adobe Experience Manager

Compared to WordPress, only Adobe Experience Manager still manages to compete for first place. Jason Cohen, founder and CTO of WP Engine explains: “For today’s companies, using a CMS is no longer an option, it’s a must. The results of the research clearly show that not only do most, if not all, companies use a CMS, but they most likely use more than one. WordPress is one of the two main platforms for both primary and secondary uses, with obvious advantages in terms of ease of use, return on investment, agility and speed to market. It is also one of the leading CMSs for headless applications, which continue to grow in this very important market. »

Among the companies surveyed, Adobe Experience Manager is the most used at 68%, but WordPress is gradually catching up with its 66%. Leaving competitors such as Wix behind.

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