Everyone knows that these days a web presence through a quality site is essential for all professionals. Whether you are a business owner, a self-employed worker (regardless of your sector of activity), a professional or a craftsman, it is essential to make yourself known and develop your turnover to have a professional website. (WordPress, Wix or other).

Of course, being on the web is just the first step in a business’s marketing strategy. You should also think about natural referencing (SEO) so that you can rank among the top results of search engines such as Google.

So you’ve decided to build your website, but you don’t know which platform to choose? After several searches, you still don’t know which online website builder to choose for optimal SEO? It is indeed very easy to get lost among all the platforms available when you are not specialized in the field. No problem, here is some information on the two main website editors, WordPress and Wix, which can help you make your choice.

WordPress: the most used platform around the world

It is a creation tool with or without code that allows much more flexibility and customization when creating your website thanks to its many (several tens of thousands free or paid) plugins. Indeed, these plugins will allow you without touching the code to modify existing features or add new ones.

This editor allows you to always have complete control of all your data and to create almost all types of sites including the most complex (advanced blog, directory, multilingual site, complicated database, etc.) or large as well as online stores (thanks to WooCommerce), but it requires more technical knowledge and the process will take longer to complete.

How it works ? Before you begin, you will need to have your own domain name and your own web host on which WordPress will need to be installed. Next, you will need to choose a theme for your website from among the hundreds, some free, others paid, that you install on your web host. You can then start building your pages, changing the appearance, adding plugins, etc. then publish them with a single click.

You should know that there are two types of SEO: “off page” SEO (like keyword research, social media sharing links, etc.) which does not involve any coding with your site and on-site referencing, also called technical referencing (improving data structure, creating headers, meta tags and alt tags, etc.) which consists of optimizing the code and function of your site. Ideally, a website builder should provide you with tools to optimize both types of SEO.

WordPress offers you a wide range of SEO tools and a site with many specialized plugins. You will thus be able to benefit from complete SEO functionalities.

Wix: the easiest platform to use

It is an editor that allows you to easily and quickly create a functional website, because it is a very intuitive editor, without code or almost so almost only in “front end” by drag and drop. Because of this, it offers a lot less customizations than WordPress. Ideal for a simple site (informative, a showcase for a professional, etc.) and not bulky, which easily fits into a predefined standard framework.

How it works ? You choose a relevant template for your site from several modern and functional types, then you upload it directly to the Wix editor so you can easily change the text, images, etc. Once finished, you click on “Publish” and your website is online!

Wix offers SEO tools (on-site and off-page) that a standard website needs to improve its visibility and performance online. This is because it provides basic SEO features such as search console integration and sitemap generation, as well as some advanced features.

In conclusion, Wix and WordPress have pros and cons. SEO is not the only element to consider when choosing your web platform, you must also take into account the nature and size of your project, its design, its usefulness, etc.

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By MondialPress

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