An SSL certificate is essential to maintain the security of exchanges between your website and Internet users. It allows the activation of the HTTPS protocol which is represented by the well-known security padlock that you find at the very beginning of the address bar of your browser.

Developed by APIlayer the API specialist, ZeroSSL is a platform that allows you to easily create free SSL certificates and to simplify the validation process of these certificates thanks to an automatic management of CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

ZeroSSL certificates are accessible to everyone with all major ACME integrations but are also easy to install and configure.

The platform is very easy to use and even offers free SSL certificates.

  • 90-day certificates: they are accessible with the free plan, validation takes only a few minutes and installation is simple with instructions at every step of the process.
  • 1-year certificates: they are available in Premium version, you support generic certificates (wildcards) for one or more domains. Installation is also done in a few minutes.

Both types of ZeroSSL certificates can include one or more domain names. Each domain requires verification, but registering a multi-domain SSL certificate is as simple as registering a single domain.

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