C$ 50.00

WordPress is a powerful tool that benefits from being optimized regularly to fully meet the changing needs of clients and their business objectives. Billed as a bank of hours, WordPress Technical support service covers all your needs so that you benefit from a tool at the peak of its capabilities at all times.

The power of WordPress rests, as with any web tool, on its customization to your specific needs and those of your online prospects. Our services therefore include, beyond technical support, specific expertise in the configuration of WordPress. Our team can advise you on the features you need to integrate for your business objectives, and the behavior or expectations of your typical online customer.

Billed as a bank of hours, this expertise involves both training/advice and execution (integration, addition, etc.) to take advantage of a tool at the peak of its capabilities.

This bank of hours is structured according to your budget and your objectives, and you remain in control of its use at all times (training, advice, analysis, execution). This flexibility allows us to offer a holistic, highly personalized service, addressing the most important objectives as a priority, and in full customer adequacy.